Business concept

Our Insurance
We provide a comprehensive set of insurance system including commercial liability insurance as high as $5 million and cargo insurance as high as $25,000. Furthermore, workmen’s compensation insurance reaching up to $1 million which we purchase for employees is what really distinguishes us from most of the removal service companies, as empowers us the ability to undertake all the possible consequences and liabilities if in any case the employee is injured in working, avoiding the condition of getting clients involved in the dispute, for according to the regulations of American laws, if the removal service company didn’t buy workmen’s compensation insurance for employees, then the client cooperating with such company shall undertake great risk and shoulder relevant responsibilities if accident happens.

Our Facilities
Facilitated with brand new UD trucks with different sizes ranging from 20 feet to 30 feet, we can guarantee to satisfy any customers’ demands. In addition, with all the trucks equipped with large lifters and gangplanks, with carts capable of climbing stairs, and with blankets and wrapping material to protect furniture, you house moving experience will surely be enhanced!

Our team
Having undergone a series of specialised training sessions on professional etiquette, packaging and moving, all of our employees are experts in house moving filed. Most of our staffs are Chinese-Americans and Mexicans. Looking forward to your patronize and wish greater fortune and better luck come to you through each house moving.