Advice on house moving

A. Things you should consider when you hire a moving company:
1. Verify the status of the moving company’s license with California PUC and US DOT.
2. Check the company’s insurance policy and see whether it purchases workmen’s compensation insurance, truck liability insurance as well as insurance for goods.
3. Make sure that the company will provide you a copy of documented estimate sheet but not a verbal contract.
4. Make sure the moving company provides company address and valid license.

B. To make sure that your rights and interests are protected, and to minimize the cost and time, please pay attention to the following points:
1. Put all the valuable goods like money, jewelry, watch, firearm, passport and private material to safe-deposit box or keep them by yourself, because neither insurance company nor moving company shall be responsible for the damages caused to these things.
2. Put all the things on table-top and all the little things in a box, seal the box and make the number of room on it.
3. All the things in drawer should be packed in a box, so should the clothes put in Italian furniture.
4. To make things easier and save time, you’d better mark the room of new house with number and also mark the box in the same way. Besides, make sure the marks can be easily seen.
5. As stipulated by the California law, the employees of moving company are not allowed to take off shoes when moving house for clients. If your floor is carpeted, we can cover it with specialty blanket before moving to make sure the cleanness of your carpet; if your floor is furnished with wooden or marble tile, we can cover the doorway with thick blanket, then your floor shall not be dirtied with sand or dust. What’s more, the shoes our employees wear and the cart we use are made of rubber, so your floor will not be broken.
6. Please make a call or send an email to fix the date for house moving two weeks advance. If necessary, you can ask for free boxes from us for goods packing. If you don’t have too many things to move, reservation could be made 3-5 days in advance, temporary service is also available.